Are There Healthy Diabetic Smoothies?

Healthy diabetic smoothies require some effort on the part of the diabetic. It’s enough of a challenge to keep a healthy balance of fruit and vegetables that’s essential to people who have been diagnosed with diabetes.

superfood green smoothieDepending on the type of diabetes and severity, you may find yourself having to check your insulin several times a day, or you may be in a position where you can lose weight and change your diabetes level.

Regardless of your diabetes path, getting in the proper foods may be challenging. Smoothies make it easier. Still, for diabetics, the health advantages of smoothies for diabetics depends on the ingredients the person uses and the amount he or she consumes.

Here are three that can help you boost your fruit and vegetable intake while helping you regulate your body. 

1. Superfood based diabetic smoothie

If superfoods are part of your routine, then you possibly have most of these foods already on hand. Considered the ultimate smoothie for people who are trying to eat a superfood based diet, this smoothie is easy to make. Start with…

  • unsweetened almond milk
  • add
    • frozen blueberries
    • frozen strawberries
    • avocado
    • yogurt
    • spinach
    • and other greens you may like
  • You can also add some extra ingredients like
    • protein powder
    • chia seeds
    • flaxseed

2. Easy balancing strawberry smoothies for diabetes

If you need something quick and simple to help you balance out your blood sugar, here’s an option for you.

It only has a few ingredients and is quick to mix up when you may feel the need to regulate or balance yourself. It includes

  • fresh strawberries
  • yogurt of your choice
  • milk (any that you like)
  • ice cubes
  • extra ingredients if you choose

You can flavor this with

  • other berries
  • or just leave it strawberry

For this smoothie to give you a regulated and balanced feeling

  • you’ll need to make sure that you don’t use any additional sweeteners and
  • the milk and yogurt is unflavored and unsweetened

3. Berry blend sweet natural diabetic smoothies

Sometimes you may find yourself craving something sweet. You may generally reach for something that’s not good for you or your diabetes.

Why not, instead, try making this berry blend natural sweet smoothie?

This smoothie includes equal parts…

  • blueberries
  • raspberries
  • blackberries
  • coconut water
  • mango
  • kale and
  • flax seeds

Be careful, though. This can lift your sugar levels so exercise restraint in adding any extra sweeteners to the mix.

As healthy as smoothies can be, people with diabetes have to be cautious with the ingredients they put in their smoothies, keeping close attention to the carbohydrates and sugar. Portion size as well is important.

Healthy diabetic smoothies are possible as long as diabetics pay close attention to the cautions listed above and don’t go overboard in their zest to create a delicious smoothie. It’s probably best, too, if diabetics make their own smoothies at home.

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